2 Popular Magnetic Lashes Types for You

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Compare with other traditional strip lashes, magnetic lashes are designed with magnets, helping you apply false lashes without using lash glue.

Here are 2 types of magnetic lashes on the lash market, and I like to share this.

Magnetic lashes with adhesive eyeliner

magnetic lashes with eyeliner
magnetic lashes with eyeliner

This is the popular magnetic lashes collection on the market, including some pairs of magnetic lashes, adhesive eyeliner, tweezer.

The magnetic lashes with 5 magnets are most popular, and you can get buy these functional magnetic lashes in a drugstore or makeup shop.


You need to use the adhesive eyeliner to help you apply magnetic lashes, and adhesive eyeliner includes magnetic powder with the attraction force to stick magnetic lashes to your eyelids firmly, without falling out.

Here is the step how to apply magnetic lashes:

how to wear magnetic lashes
how to wear magnetic lashes

Here are 3 main steps on how to wear magnetic lashes.

Apply 2 or 3 layers of adhesive eyeliner to your eyelids, and then apply magnetic lashes; finally, adjust the magnetic lashes in the right position. Well done.

That’s pretty easy for you to put on your magnetic lashes using the adhesive eyeliner, and the self-adhesive eyeliner for magnetic lashes is well-designed for application.

And the magnetic lashes won’t work without using the adhesive eyeliner pen, because the adhesive eyeliner includes the magnetic substance that has the magnetic attraction towards the magnets.

Magnetic lashes with applicator

magnetic lashes with applicator
magnetic lashes with the applicator

You can also choose the magnetic lashes without adhesive eyeliner, and here are the magnetic lashes with the applicator.

The applicator is the new-designed lash tool helping you apply magnetic lashes easily and fastly. And this tool is friendly for the makeup starter, and you can learn it quickly.

This applicator is designed to apply magnetic lashes, and you can finish the magnetic eyelashes application in seconds.

magnetic lashes applicator
magnetic lashes applicator

You don’t need to use the lash glue or adhesive eyeliner with this well-designed lash curler for magnetic eyelashes.

Here are three steps on how to apply magnetic lashes with an applicator.

Attach one piece of magnetic lashes on the applicator, here are 2 pieces of magnetic lashes per eye. And you need to separate the magnetic lashes into 2 parts and attach them to the magnetic lashes applicator.

magnetic lashes with applicator tool
magnetic lashes with applicator tool

Then clip the magnetic lashes applicator, making these two magnetic lashes can clamp your real lashes, like a sandwich.

Please be clear about the direction of magnetic lashes clips, don’t make them opposite while you applying them.

Release the magnetic lashes applicator to finish the application process, and then you can use the tweezer to adjust the position of the magnetic eyelashes with the right angle.

Final thougts

You can choose the type of magnetic lashes you are interested, and then enjoy a stunning makeup look using the magnetic lashes.

If you have any questions about the magnetic lashes, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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