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Hi, all today I am going to share with you guys about the holographic eyelash packaging boxes.

Mink lashes are the worldwide cosmetic products up to now, more and more stars, influencers, makeup artists like to share their posts about mink lashes on social media.

Customized lash boxes are special and unique

holographic lash boxes
holographic lash boxes

And mink lash packaging boxes are really important for lash lovers to save and protect mink lashes well away from the bacteria outside, and well-designed lash boxes are popularly welcomed by people with its special and unique design.

For lash business owners, lash boxes printing your private logo using 3D printing technology is also the strong window to show your image of the brand and promote your lash band. In a word, lash boxes will play an important role in the lash industry.

Here are uncountable lash boxes or packaging types on the market, and today I am going to share the trending lash packaing called a holographic lash box.

Here we go.

Holographic lash box

holographic lash packaging
holographic lash packaging

Holographic boxes are designed with a unique holographic pattern, looking shining and sparkling like the glass texture, which is widely used in the cosmetic industry and for gift purposes.

Here is something basically important for you to know about the holographic lash box.

What is the holographic film?

holographic flim
holographic flim

Holography applies the use of laser embossed materials to create a visual effect that appears 3-dimensional. From elaborate graphics to subtle patterns, the holographic film can help brands stand out from the competition, and even direct the eye to specific areas of the package.

We like to use the holographic boxes for our lashes, and you can get the holographic last boxes at competitive prices. Holographic last boxes are the best solution for you to save your lashes, and to have your lash brand for your lash business.

Here are some advantages of the holographic lash box.

Advantages of the holographic lash box

holographic lash box advantages


Holographic material is more than an eye-catching feature for retail display. It actually serves an anti-counterfeit purpose. So lash brands can combat counterfeiters and ensure authenticity by adding distinct holographic elements to the lash box.

【Customized flexbily】

Here you can choose to do the customization design on the holographic boxes, we can make it possible to achieve your inspiring ideas about your lash business.

holographic lashes
holographic lashes

【Practical & Beautiful】

The holographic boxes for lashes are really practical for you to collect your lashes away from the dust outside, and holographic box material is strong enough to keep your eyelashes in order and protect them from getting crushed or damaged. At the same time, it is also fashionable and beautiful t to choose them to show your lash brand.

【Durable and stable】

These rectangle lash cases or other shapes are made of quality paper and plastic material, with the holographic film on the surface of the lash packaging box. No smell and no harmful substance, safe for you to put eyelashes in, durable to last for a long time, keeping your eyelashes away from dust and water, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.

Popular holographic lash types

【Different Shapes】

diamond holographic lash boxes
diamond holographic lash boxes

It is a fact that holographic lash boxes can be designed with different shapes by the lash manufacturers, including the rectangular holographic lash box, square holographic lash box, triangular holographic lash box, diamond holographic lash box, and also the other polygon holographic lash box.

【Different Sizes】

holographic lash box types
holographic lash box types

The holographic lash boxes can be created with different sizes to store mink lashes. The one-pair holographic lash box is the most popular type, of course, you can choose the get the holographic lash box set for two pairs of mink lashes, three pairs of mink lashes, and more.

【Different Lash Sets】

Also, the customized holographic lash box collection is also supported, you can get the holographic lash packaging collection for one pair of mink lashes and a tweezer, and two pairs of mink lashes and a tweezer, and even more. It’s much more flexible to match the mink lashes and lash tools in a pack, you can decide the way how you match mink lashes, lash glues, lash tweezers, and even eyeliners together to complete the whole lash pack you like.

【Different Colors】

At the same time, you can also select the color you want for the holographic lash box, and we support some popular colors. As for the eyelashes box set, it is really important to choose the right color to match the lash box style with your private logo. We provide some custom eyelash box templates for you to choose from, from the very beginning, including the trending money eyelash packaging.

【Different Types】

holographic lash box shapes

The holographic lash boxes can be made of different types, you can choose the normal paper lash box with the holographic surface and the same thing on the magnetic lash boxes. Also, you can DIY your eyelash packaging using the holographic film.

In a word, HeyMe is aiming to be one of the best eyelash box vendors at the same time, providing you with empty eyelash boxes wholesale with the top-rated quality but at the most competitive prices.


So why not have a try?

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