Cute Butterfly Lash Box Case for Small Lash Business

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Wholesale butterfly lash box case for small lash business, get your favorite false lashes packed in the butterfly lash box packaging.

Do you guys love the butterfly? I do!

Today I am sharing with you some adorable lash box packaging, printed with butterfly.

As you know that we provide well-designed paper lash boxes, for you to save your mink lashes.

Yes, we have different styles of paper lash boxes, of course, including butterfly lash boxes!

Paper butterfly lash box

butterfly lash box, paper lash box, paper box
butterfly lash box, paper lash box, paper box

Yay, paper lash box is the most selling lash box on the market, made of hard paper, and also cheapest lash boxes.

The lash box packaging printed with butterfly script is popular on the lash market now.

Most girls can’t say “No” to these adorable butterfly lash cases, you can choose the cute butterfly lash box for your lashes.

It is a nice choice for you to get a wholesale paper lash box for you to save your lashes away from the bacterias.

Custom paper lash box is provided with private label for your small lash business, you can print your lash logo on the surface of the lash box.

Here we have many some fashionable paper lash boxes, printed with butterfly templates.

Different colors for you to choose, and different styles of butterfly templates, you can choose your favorite butterfly cartoons.

You can choose our random color for your butterfly lash box, and it is also flexible for you to choose to match your colors, following your own minds.

Wholesale butterfly paper lash box in bulk

bulk butterfly paper box
bulk butterfly paper box

Wholesale butterfly paper lash box packaging is provided for small lash business, we have bulk empty butterfly paper lash boxes.

We can print your private lash logo on the paper lash box if you need it, and you can choose your favorite butterfly templates to be printed on the lash case.

The effect of the butterfly the same as the picture they really are, without color fading, because we use advanced 3D printing technology.

You can get your bulk butterfly lash case, at the competitive prices, it’s flexible for you to buy.

You can choose to buy false lashes with butterfly lash boxes, and of course, you can get empty butterfly lash boxes only.

Depending on you, you can make a decision to match your lashes and boxes to complete your lash orders.

Butterfly-shaped window on the butterfly lash box

The design of the paper lash box is also flexible, if you want to see the lash styles inside of the lash box, you can choose the lash box with the display window.

The shape of the window can be customized, and retangular window, round window is regular.

Here we also have the butterfly-shaped window on one side of the butterfly paper lash box.

I deem that the butterfly paper box with the butterfly-shaped window is cute and fashionable. You can choose this type of lash box.

Butterfly-shaped lash box

butterfly-shaped lash box
butterfly-shaped lash box

There is also a butterfly-shaped lash box for you to choose from if you think a rectangular butterfly lash box is boring and plain.

This butterfly-shaped lash box can be used to store 4 pairs of false lashes, with the round lash tray.

The shape of this lash box is a cute butterfly, also with cute pink color, and it is a creative gift for you to send to your friends.

I do believe that they will like this well-designed butterfly-shaped lash case. Of course, you can print your private label, or lash logo for your lash business.

Acrylic butterfly lash box

acrylic butterfly lash box
acrylic butterfly lash box

The cartoon butterfly is a creative and innovate design element, which can be used for all types of lash boxes.

These are acrylic butterfly lash boxes for you to choose from, I also shared the post about acrylic lash boxes.

The acrylic lash case is also popular on the market, you can get the acrylic eyelash box packaging at competitive prices.

The style of the acrylic lash box printed with the butterflies can become much more fashionable than ever before.

You guys can print your brand name in the front of the acrylic butterfly lash box, and your social media links in the back.

Cube acrylic butterfly lash box

cube Acrylic butterfly lash box
Cube acrylic butterfly lash box

The cube acrylic butterfly lash box is so cute, I love this. And you use the round lash tray to save false lashes to match the shape of a cubic acrylic lash box.

Looking like a crystal, cube acrylic butterfly lash box is shining under the sunshine. You can see the holographic effect from the right angle.

I would love to send one cube acrylic butterfly lash case to my best friend, with her favorite false lashes.

Final thoughts

Welcome to quote us to get more detailed info if you are interested in the butterfly lash box packaging.

Here you can see our updated posts on butterfly lash box packaging on Instagram, and welcome to follow us @metis_lashes_shop

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