Cellphone Lash Box with Private Logo Customization

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Popular mobile phone lash box, drawer lash box, and paper lash box with customization design with cell phone cartoon design for lash box packaging.

Here are various types of lash box packaging on the market, with private logo customization, to meet the various requirement of clients doing lash business from all over the world.

Popular mobile phone lash box

Nowadays, mobile phone lash box is becoming more and more popular, and this is the creative ides for you to custom your lash box packaging to be fashionable and unique.

As you all know that we can’t live a better life without the cell phone, and the ideas can permeate everything in our daily lives, so we work out adorable cell phone eyelash boxes for lash lovers.

And we can combine different elements together to achieve a fresh design look, yep, that’s the mobile phone eyelash box. And the shape of the lash box can mimic the mobile phone case, with vivid phone case keyboard, and screen.

Here are some popular mobile phone lash box templates as follows.

Mobile phone drawer lash box, paper lash box

mobile phone paper lash box
mobile phone paper lash box

Here, the paper lash box is the cheapest lash box, and you can choose a custom paper lash box with a mobile phone template. We can print the cell phone cartoon on the paper lash box, to show a special appearance with the phone case look.

The custom private logo is supported, we can use the advanced 3D printing technology to print your own lash logo or brand name on the lash case. Different colors are selected according to your favorite design style.

mobile phone lash box, paper lash box
mobile phone lash box, paper lash box

The paper box with a window is also flexible, you can choose the paper lash box without a display window, or the lash box with a custom window and the shape of the window on the lash box is also flexible.

The rectangle lash box window, heart-shaped is the most hot-selling. The area of the window can be covered by a layer of plastic, which is a good way to show up the lash styles.

Mobile phone drawer lash box, drawer lash box

mobile phone lash box
mobile phone lash box

The cute mobile phone lash box with pink color is adorable, and many girls love this custom drawer lash box with the shape of a cell phone.

Here you can choose your favorite color for this cute cartoon cell phone lash box, and private logo customization is provided according to your request.

drawer cell phone lash box
drawer cell phone lash box

You can choose to print the mobile phone cartoon design on the front side or backside of the lash box, and it is flexible for you to custom your lash packaging with a cell phone case design element.

Here is a handle beside the lash box, which is helpful for you to open and close the lash box with convenience.

mobile phone lash box, drawer lash box
mobile phone lash box, drawer lash box

You only need to push or pull the lash box when you use the false eyelashes, and this is useful for you to protect your fake eyelashes to keep clean, get rid of the bacteria and germs outside.


Mobile phone lash box with the cute cartoon design style, and you can also combine different design elements together, such as a mobile lash box with holographic design.

We are a reliable lash vendor with the big ability to supply mobile phone lash boxes, and please be free to contact us if you are interested in cell phone lash box packaging.

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