Important Facts about Cruelty Free Makeup Brush

Metis Lashes brush cruelty free makeup brush vegan makeup brush

As we all know that makeup brush is important for our daily makeup look.
You can see that many makeup brushes on the shelf are labelled as "cruelty-free" or "vegan".
In fact, here is no legal or standard definition of the label "cruelty-free".
Today I am going to share with you about cruelty free makeup brushes.

Why we don't like animal hair makeup brush?


We are the human being living on the earth, so do animals. So we have the responsibilty to protect the animals to live on the earth safely. 

Sadly, there are no regulations or laws to protect the animals that are endangered, so we have to protect animals with urgency. 

So that's why we don't like animal hair makup brush, and we use the synthetic material to produce the makeup brushes. 

No animals should be harmed, for making cosmetic products, we are trying to make the world to be "cruelty-free". 

If you want truly cruelty-free makeup brushes, you can choose vegan makeup brushes instead!

What are cruelty-free makeup brushes?

Cruelty free makeup brushes are vegan makeup brushes, with the enviromentally-friendly protection. 

Yay, we can use the synthetic plastic material to replace the animal hair, to protect animals away from the damage. 

And the texture of synthetic fibers is like the taklon or nylon, they are soft and natural. 

And compared with the animal hair, man-made synthetic makeup brush can be used for a longer time, with high duration. 

It is happy for us to use vegan makeup brushes, and they are soft, durable, blendable, and natural. 

Features of cruelty-free makeup brushes

Here are many features of cruelty free makeup brushes. 

  • 100% cruelty freeVegan makeup brushes are made of synthetic fibers, with 100% cruelty free, without any damage to the animals. 
  • Different colors: Here are many different colors for you to choose, and it is much easier to dye synthetic makeup brushes to become colorful. We currently have 4 colors (Morandi color) of makeup brush kit for you to choose. 
  • Soft texure: The texure of makeup brush is super soft, it is very comfortable for you to use the makeup brush to touch your face. 
  • Aluminum tube: Every makeup brush has a tube, made of Aluminum, and texture of Aluminum is also soft. And it is easy to print your private label on the Aluminum tube. The Aluminum tube is protective to keep hairs inside in a good shape, without falling problems. 
  • Wooden handle: The handle of the makeup brush is made natural wood, it is also comfortable for you touch, with the matte surface, you can carry or catch the makeup brush firmly all the time. 
  • Portable makeup bag: We have designed the fashionable makeup bag for you to store your makeup brushes, to keep away from the bacterias. Different colors are selective too. 

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