Cute Mini Suitcase Lash Packaging for Children's Day

Metis Lashes lash suitcase mini lash suitcase suitcase lash packaging

Childen's Day is coming soon, I am so happy to celebrate this happy day with all of you guys. On this special day for children, we have prepared the cute suitcase lashes for you. 

Suitcase Lash Box for Children's Day

I really really love this cute pink plastic suitcase lash case, and this lash kit includes a pair of magnetic lashes, and an adhesive eyeliner

The styles of this suitcase lash collection is super adorable, giving you so much pleasure to enjoy a good time of being like children. As adults, we also need some "children time" to be chidish, happy and joyful. 

We can do the customization about this cute suitcase lash box, providing private logo printing and cartoon design printing, so that you can get your own identifical luggage lash case for your own.

Suitcase Lash Box 

Here we also have many different styles of suitcase lash box, with different colors, different sizes. 

Different colors of suitcase lash packaging

Here are some popular colors for suitcase lash packaging, such as yellow, pink, orange, and many other cute colors. You can choose your favorite color, and the price of the mini suitcase lash packaging is also nice, depending on the raw material. 

You can choose regular plastic suitcase lash packaging, they are much cheaper; and also luxury acrylic suitcase lash packaging. 

You can choose the red eyelash suitcase, the pink, yellow,blue, red,rose red purple one as you like, and you should make sure if they are in stock.

Now the most popular one is the yellow one and the pink one. And you can choose any color you love.

You can also make a mix order to test the market , and then make the bulk order, that is a wise way.

For more info about the material of mini suitcase lash packaging, please feel free to contact us. 

Different sizes of suitcase lash packaging

The size of the suitcase lash packaging is also flexible, you can choose the regular mini suitcase lash packaigng for only pair of false lashes, and also you can choose bigger ones for two pairs of false lashes. 

What's more, you can select to combine different lash tools inside the suitcase lash packaging, such as adhesiver eyeliner, lash glue and tweezer. 

The size of the suitcase for two or more pairs of false lashes is much bigger than only one pair of false lashes, you can decide the size you like, that's flexible. 

The bigger suitcase eyelash box packaging has the size, length 140mm, width 64mm, height 226mm, and mini suitcase lash packaging is length 100mm, width 52mm, height 75mm.


 What's more, you can choose any types of false lashes you like to be packed in the suitcase lash packaging, we have mink lashes, synthetic lashes, magnetic lashes, vegan lashes and etc. It's flexible for you to mix any types of fake lashes you like. 

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