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Today we are going to talk about the strip lashes lengths, and here you know something basically important about the lash lengths

Hi, all, today we are going to talk about the mink lashes lengths.

With the development of the popularity of strip lashes in the world, more and more girls and women like to wear strip lashes, to enhance eye makeup to the next level.

Different lengths for false lashes

And there are many different styles of strip lashes on the lash market, varied in different lengths. And here we also have some popular lengths for our clients to choose from, including shorter lashes, such as 15mm lashes, 16mm lashes, and also 18mm lashes.

About the medium lengths, and they are range from 18mm to 22mm, and 18mm lashes, 20mm lashes, and 22mm lashes, they are really hot selling all over the world.

25mm mink lashes are the most popular lashes, they can help you enlarge your eyes to be much bigger, giving you dramatic lashes to achieve a stunning eye makeup look. 25mm lashes have a nice length, you can wear 25mm eyelashes to enjoy beautiful eye makeup with different styles.

And you also find 28mm lashes on the market, much longer than 25mm lashes, I do recommend that you can choose 28mm lashes to create a crazy eye makeup look, using fluffy mink lashes, and big curls.

What’s more, here are also 30mm lashes for you to choose from, if you are addicted to parties, cosplays, you can choose to apply 30mm lashes to make your eyes much more dramatic and eye-catching.

70mm lashes
70mm lashes

Some beauty blogger has shared 70mm lashes on social media, wow, looking like a big fan, “fanning lashes”, and 70mm lashes can also be made by mink fur, with super crazy length.

70mm lashes are not used for our daily makeup, and you guys can have so much fun wearing this exaggerated 70mm lashes, cool idea on themed makeup.

Important to choose the right length

Yes, there are many different lengths of strip lashes, and they can achieve different styles, also with different curls, thicknesses.

Here you can choose the right lengths of false lashes according to your eye shapes. The longer, the better? Of course not, strip lashes with the right length can enlarge your eyes to be much bigger, but not so dramatic, or inflated.

You can choose the false lashes with the natural styles, and they are suitable for you to wear for the whole day, to be comfortable without foreign body sensation.

The most important thing is that the false lashes you wear can’t disturb your visual range of your eyes, because the biggest function of our eyes to see things clearly.

So you can choose the fake lashes with the proper lengths, that suit you well. If you are struggling to decide which length is ok for you, you can start to choose the regular lengths. Refer to what they are wearing, and select the best one for your own.

Round false lashes

Yep, there are many different lengths of false lashes for you to choose from, and you can measure the lengths of eyelashes using the scale ruler.

Regularly, here are three different parts for a pair of false lashes you can divide from the front to the end. Here you can choose round false lashes for you, “round” is the shape when you put the lash strips together, face to face.

round lashes
round lashes

You can see this pair of false lashes have a round shape, round styles when you put them together, place the lash band inward.

Round style for false lashes is most popular on the lash market, you can choose to wear the round false lashes closing your eyes, and super suitable for almond eye shapes.

And the lengths of the false lashes are most same, from the root to the tip of lashes, from the inner corner of lashes to the outer corner of lashes, and the middle part of lashes is slightly longer.

And lash styles like this are suitable for most people, I do recommend that you can choose round lashes for your daily eye makeup.

Mix lengths for false lashes

3d false lashes
3d false lashes

Here are many other lash styles on the lash market, with the mixing lengths on the same pair of false lashes. And you can see the length of the outer end, middle part, and inner end is totally different.

The false lashes with mixing lengths have excellent 3D effects, not so flat as the other styles. You can choose the suitable 3D lashes to match your eye shape well, to be much closer to eyelids.

And lengths of the inner end and outer end are different, and the inner length can be much longer, or the outer length can be much longer, to achieve different lash styles.

Different styles of mink lashes for you to choose from, and they are varied in different lengths, curls, thicknesses.


Overall, the lengths of false lashes can decide the styles to some extent, and hopefully you can enjoy your false lashes for your daily makeup.

In the end, please feel free to contact us to ask anything about false lashes lengths, and see you the next time. Peace out!

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