Trick or Treat | Halloween Eyelash Packaging Ideas You Need to Know

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The annual Holloween is on the way to come, and today I am happy to share with you some stunning ideas of Holloween eyelash packaging.

Happy Holloween Holiday!

And Holloween is an important event to celebrate for people from many countries, and you can try on some customized Holloween-themed eye makeup products to enjoy the big happiness, with your dearest clients.

Are you ready for the Holloween eyelash packaging ideas?

Halloween Themed Design Elements

holloween themed design element
holloween themed design element

Here are many things associated with Halloween, including:

Pumpkins, pumpkin seeds,  jack-o’-lantern, candy, ghosts, spiders, zombies, Frankenstein, monsters, cauldrons, wrapped mummies, and etc. 

So we can add any of these elements to your personalized eyelash packaging, to create the most beautiful eyelash box packaging to celebrate the Holloween holiday.

How to Design Holloween Eyelash Packaging?

how to design holloween eyelash packaging
how to design holloween eyelash packaging

Here we have an experienced design team, working for eyelash packaging customization. 

What you only do is really easy, tell us what type of eyelash packaging you like. Here is something you can do:

  • Tell us your desired eyelash packaging type, including paper eyelash packaging, magnetic eyelash packaging drawer eyelash packaging. 
  • The size of the eyelash packaging, including length, width, height. The size of the packaging box can be determined what you want to keep in. We have different sizes, regular eyelash packaging for one pair of false lashes, and also for two pairs, more pairs, and some lash tools are added too, such as tweezer, lash glue, eyeliner and etc. It’s flexible to customize the size of the lash packaging box. 
  • Design patterns, we can have beautiful current design patterns for you to choose from. Of course, you can share with us your own design patterns, such as your favorite Holloween-themed pattern, image, wallpaper, and etc. 
  • Customize your desired design pattern to the eyelash packaging dieline, to create the Holloween eyelash packaging template. You will see the effect of Holloween-themed patterns printed on the eyelash packaging.
  • Print the Holloween eyelash packaging. 

Finally, you will get the Holloween eyelash packaging for you to store your false lashes, and here is some popular Holloween eyelash packaging we have created, and these are hot-selling in the lash market. 

Glitter Halloween Eyelash Packaging Magnetic

glitter holloween eyelash packaging magnetic
glitter Holloween eyelash packaging magnetic

Glitter eyelash packaging is the most popular eyelash packaging, and we can customize the glitter lashes packaging box with themed Holloween design patterns to create a special surface.

Here you can choose to customize the Holloween eyelash packaging with any Holloween themes or elements you like. We are happy to share all of the Halloween design for lashes.

orange glitter holloween eyelash packaging magnetic
orange glitter Holloween eyelash packaging magnetic

This Terra Cotta glitter magnetic eyelash packaging is designed with the gradient orange color as the background color, the Holloween pumpkin color looks so beautiful.

glitter holloween eyelash packaging box
glitter Holloween eyelash packaging box

Here is many beautiful Holloween eyelash packaging for you to choose from, varying in different colors, styles, surfaces. 

Get More Holloween Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Coffin Eyelash Packaging

coffin eyelash packaging
coffin eyelash packaging

The coffin eyelash packaging is designed to celebrate Holloween Holiday.

We have the coffin eyelash packaging box template to help us design the beautiful coffin lash packaging box for you. 

And you can get your ideal coffin-shaped lash box packaging, with your favorite color, the surface to store false lashes. 

Private label, eyelash logo printing is supported if you are a small lash business owner. 

For more, please feel free to contact us any time to get your customized Holloween eyelash packaging. 

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