How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

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Have you tried magnetic lashes before? Compared with other strip lashes, magnetic lashes are special and unique, and let's talk about magnetic lashes.

You have to use the lash glue to wear false lashes, but here you can apply magnetic lashes without using lash glue.

You might have some questions about the magnetic lashes application if you haven't used magnetic lashes before.

And here are some Frequently Asked Questions about magnetic lashes, and today I want to make them clear.

How do magnetic lashes work?


Why magnetic lashes can be applied without needing any lash glue, and how can magnetic eyelashes be applied to your eyes.

The specialty is that magnetic lashes have magnets, and the magnets are important.

You can get the magnetic lashes with 5 magnets in the cosmetic drugstore, and magnetic lashes are applied with the help of magnets.

And the magnets for magnetic lashes can be reused many times, and don't lose the magnets.

The working principle of magnetic lashes

magnetic lashes with 5 magnets

Every magnet has a north and a south pole, and two poles of magnet stones will repel each other, with the opposite attraction.

The force of the two poles of magnets can make magnets lock together.

So magnetic lashes can work on the principle of magnetic attraction. And magnetic lashes are designed with 5 magnets for each half eyelash.

And the pole of magnets of magnetic lashes are opposite, they can attract each other firmly.

So you can apply magnetic lashes without using lash glue, and magnetic lashes are creative and innovative lashes that you can have a try.

Are magnetic lashes safe?

safe magnetic lashes

safe magnetic lashes

You might think if magnetic lashes would do damage to your natural lashes. Of course not, magnetic lashes are safe to be applied.

They are adhered to your eyelids, rather than your real lashes, and magnetic lashes are regularly made of synthetic material, plastic fiber, so they are safe.

What's more, you don't need to use the lash glue to apply magnetic lashes, so they are 100% secure for you if you are allergic to the chemicals of lash glue.

Overall, magnetic lashes are safe for you to use, and they are also much more creative than traditional lash strips.

Some tips for you to put on magnetic lashes

magnetic lashes

magnetic lashes

And you can follow the instruction of magnetic lashes as follows:

Read the directions on the package. Yes, don't forget to read the instructions for magnetic lashes before you open the packaging. And then you will get to know do's and don'ts about magnetic eyelashes.

Don't use the same pair of magnetic lashes with other people. This is important, and keep your magnetic lashes private and safe all the time.

Don't forget to remove magnetic lashes before you go to bed, and the magnets are tiny, so please remove them off when days off.

Are Magnetic Lashes Reusable?

Yes, magnetic lashes are reusable, and we have magnetic lashes with adhesive eyeliner, you can reuse your magnetic lashes up to 30 times.

And you can reuse more than 30 times if you can care for your magnetic lashes well, keep them in a good shape, without any damage to the lash band.

You can apply more adhesive eyeliner if you find the magnetic lashes are sticky enough until the magnetic lashes are broken.

Final thoughts

Please free free to contact us to talk about anything about magnetic lashes. You guys can get magnetic lashes with adhesive eyeliner, with a private label too.

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