How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

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Here at, and I am going to share with you guys an amazing thing, helping you enhance your eye makeup to the next level. Here come magnetic lashes!

Yes, I update our amazing magnetic lashes collection for you, here we go to talk abou the stunning magnetic eyelashes. 

Today I am sharing you some useful tips on magnetic lashes, so here are go!

What are magnetic lashes?

Compared the traditional strip false eyelashes, magnetic lashes are the newly designed false eyelashes, with magic magnets, which are really magically helpful and convenient for to apply magnetic lashes easily. 

And the raw material of the magnetic lashes could be synthetic fiber material, yes, you can consider them as the synthetic false eyelashes added with magnets. 

Like the other types of the false eyelashes, magnetic lashes also have many different styles, with a wide range in lengths, volumes and curls. 

How to apply magnetic lashes?

Regularly, you can get the magnetic lashes together with magnetic eyeliners, and the magnetic liner can play an important role in the magnetic lashes application. 

Here are the tutorial telling you how to apply magnetic lashes step by step. 

Step 1: Apply the mascara 

You can apply a coat of mascara to your real lashes before applying magnetic lashes, in order to make your real lashes look fuller, and you don't need to apply extra mascara to your magnetic lashes lately. 

Of course, you can skip this step if you don't want to apply the mascara, and you can choose the magnetic lashes with big curls and great lengths to strengthen your eye makeup effect. 

Step 2: Apply the magnetic eyeliner 

It's time to apply the magnetic eyeliner to your eyelid, this is important for you to apply magnetic lashes, firmy and stickly. 

And the ingredient of the magnetic liner can help stick the magnetic lashes to your eyelids firmly. 

Step 3: Remove the upper lashes

And then you can remove the upper magnetic lashes from the original lash tray, and ensure that the magnetic lashes can get close to your natural lash liner as much as possible. 

Step 4: Apply the magnetic lashes now

For now, it is the last but important step for you to apply the magnetic lashes, you can keep the magnetic eyelash strips in place, and gently remove the lower lash from the lash tray and place it under your natural lash line, until it can connect with the upper lashes. 

Congradulations on that you achieve the stunning eye makeup applying the natural look magnetic lashes. 

Some tips on magnetic lashes 

  • Our magnetic lashes are synthetic lashes, rather than mink lashes.
  • Magnetic lashes can be reused for many times if you can protect them well. 
  • Don't keep your magnetic lashes wet all the time. 
  • Please return the magnetic lashes back to the lash tray to keep them in a good shape, for the next time use. 
  • You can trim the magnetic lashes to match your eye shape well, cutting off the extra length with the scissor. 

So enjoy your lash time, and please you can get magnetic lashes here. 

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