What Are Fluffy Mink Lashes?

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Fluffy mink lashes are the popular stylish mink lashes, made of real mink fur, 100% hand-crafted.

Here I am going to share with you all about fluffy mink lashes.

Fluffy mink lashes are dramatic

fluffy mink lashes
fluffy mink lashes

Here are various styles in the market, to satisfy different needs of clients, when they go to different places.

With full volume, and big curls, fluffy lashes look much more dramatic compared with the natural lashes.

In order to achieve the stunning and dramatic eye makeup look effect, we need much more mink fur material to create fluffy mink lashes.

Fluffy mink lashes with the dramatic style, is much more suitable for you to attend some themed parties, rather than business occasions.

Fluffy mink lashes with good 3D effect

fluffy mink lashes with 3d effect
fluffy mink lashes with 3d effect

Compared with other styles of mink lashes, fluffy mink lashes are created with better 3D effect.

3D fluffy mink lashes wholesale are popular on the lash market, and here are more and more beautiful styles are created for lash lovers.

These are some features of fluffy 3d mink lashes:

  • 100% handmade, made of real mink fur material
  • and reusable up to 25 times
  • 100% sterilized mink fur with a cotton band
  • Fluffy eye makeup effect
  • Super curly mink lashes
  • Big curls, with much fluffs
  • Natural black color, much darker than natural lashes
  • Suitable for dancing, themed parties
  • Enlarge your eyes to be much bigger

Fluffy mink lashes are designed with the 3D effect, you can wear the fluffy lashes to create the perfect 3d looking makeup.

3D fluffy mink lashes are stunning, and you can see amazing appearance from different angles, and you fluffy mink lashes will be fluffy, glossy with multilayer structure.

Different lengths for 3D effect

3d fluffy mink lashes
3d fluffy mink lashes

The lengths of fluffy mink lashes can be different, and from inner side to outer side.

Mink lashes lengths are important to create the style difference, the length between the inner end of mink lashes, and outer end of mink lashes are different.

With the sense of layering, fluffy mink lashes look real, like your real lashes can grow long like this. And fluffy mink lashes can look much thicker than other styles.

Create natural eyeline

fluffy lashes makeup
fluffy lashes makeup

Never miss fluffy mink lashes if you want to try to own dramatic eye makeup look, and the fluffy lashes mink with the black cotton band can create the natural eyeline without drawing eyeliners otherwise.

No need to use the eyeliner pen, the black cotton band of fluffy mink lashes can look like you have the natural eyeline.

Wearing big fluffy mink lashes is the great method to enlarge your eyes to be much bigger than they really are, you can get the super stunning dramatic eye makeup look.

And don’t forget to apply the bottom false lashes, making your eye makeup look natural and match well. Of course, you can cut the mink lashes into some pieces to be used as the bottom lashes.

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