What Are Hybrid Lashes?

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What are hybrid lashes? Today we are going to talk about the differences between classic lashes, volume lashes, and hybrid lashes.
  1. Hybrid lashes, classic lashes vs volume lashes
  2. How long do hybrid lashes last?

Here are many different lash types on the lash market, strip lashes can enjoy the popularity as for the beauty makeup, but lash extensions / individual lashes are also popular nowadays.

If you are new to the lash extensions, and today you can know something basically important, let’s begin with hybrid lashes.

What are hybrid lashes?

hybrid lashes
hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes are different from classic lashes, which can combine different lash set together to create new lashes. Hybrid lashes are made of volume fanning lashes, and single classic lashes and hybrid lashes extensions are really great for those lash lovers with sparse natural eyelashes.

Yes, you can mix both classic lashes and volume lashes together to get hybrid lashes, and hybrid lashes can give you a variety of texture of false eyelashes, making your eye makeup be much more natural.

Hybrid lashes, classic lashes vs volume lashes

classic lashes, volume lashes, hybrid lashes
classic lashes, volume lashes, hybrid lashes

With hybrid lashes or hybrid lash extensions, it is much easier for you to add much more volume to your lash set step by step. If you want to have false eyelashes with high density, but without too much volume, you can try hybrid lashes.

Classic lashes

The classic lashes need the most basic technique in the lash extensions, and this is the primary first technique for lash artists. You only need to apply a single lash extension to a single natural lash.

It is much more natural to create the perfectly beautiful lashes look using the classic lashes, if you want to achieve the dramatic makeup look, you need to choose the thicker and longer lash extensions.

I do recommend that you can begin with the classic lashes if you are the first to try the lash extensions. And then you can explore what lash styles can fit on you.

Volume lashes

Compared with classic lashes, volume lashes set need a more advanced lash technique, you need to apply a fan of multiple lash extensions to a single natural lash.

And the lash extensions could be much thinner to ensure that you can get the lightweight lashes, and don’t strain your real lashes. And you need to know something about the specifications of the lash extensions, fanning lash.

Regularly, you can use 2D to 15D lash extensions for per natural lash to create the volume lashes effect, and you can choose the common range for your volume lash kit. D means how many lash roots to be applied per natural lash.

Volume lashes can work well to create a more dramatic, fuller, and fluffier eyelash look for you, you can choose the volume lash extensions if you prefer a dramatic eye makeup look to natural eye makeup.

Hybrid lashes

What is the difference between classic and hybrid lashes? Hybrid lashes are the most complicated lash extensions, you need to combine the classic lashes and volume lashes together to achieve the hybrid lashes.

With the hybrid lashes, you can apply the single lash extension to some natural lashes, and also apply multiple lash extensions to natural lashes at the same time. It is much more flexible and also complicated to do the lash extension customization.

The hybrid lashes can satisfy the desired eyelash look for you, you can do a lot of work to get the most suitable lash plan for you. Of course, if you want to have hybrid lashes full set, you need to find an experienced lash artist to help you do the hybrid lashes.

How long do hybrid lashes last?

Different from the strip lashes, the hybrid lash extensions can last longer, up to 8 to 10 weeks, and you need to refill the lash extensions until your real lashes grow, and lash extensions will fall gradually with the time goes by.


It is much more difficult to apply hybrid lashes, or the styles of the lash extensions, and you’d better go to the beauty salon to find an excellent lash artist with rich experience in making lash extensions.

Before doing the lash extensions / individual lashes, you can do an allergy test to ensure the raw material of hybrid lashes are safe and healthy for you.

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