25mm mink lashes, 25mm lashes
dramatic mink lashes, cluster mink lashes
dramatic mink lashes, cluster mink lashes
cluster mink lashes
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25mm Mink Lashes, Fluffy Lashes with Big Curls | HM06

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Our most natural 25mm mink lashes, made of real mink fur, with natural black color, for you to create a natural, feminine eye makeup look.
This pair of mink lashes are 100% hand-made, and you can wear 25mm mink lashes to create a dramatic eye makeup look. 
25mm mink lashes have big curls, like the cluster lashes, looking fluffy, making your eyes look much bigger than they really are, and you can wear 25mm mink lashes to attend many activities, such as birthday parties, dance nights, dates, and etc. 

25mm mink lashes features

  • Material: Made of real mink fur, 100% hand-made
  • Band: Natural black cotton lash band, soft and comfortable
  • Length: 25mm mink lashes
  • Style: Dramatic eye makeup look after using this pair of mink lashes
  • Reusable up to 25 Wears 
  • Different styles for you to choose
  • Free paper lash boxes are provided

How to apply 25mm mink lashes?

-Trim 25mm lashes to fit the eye shape and apply a layer of lash glue to the lash band.
-Position lashes above your natural lash line and holds them in place until the lash glue sets dry a little.
-To remove, use a damp cotton swab and trace along with the lash band. Be gentle when lifting lashes to remove.
-Use tweezers to remove glue from the lash band.
-Store lashes in the original case for extended use and to help retain their original shape.

Use it with

Adhesive eyeliner or lash glue


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