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Metis Lashes

Adhesive Eyeliner with Glitter Round Tube | H1-H9

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All of these adhesive eyeliner pencils in round tubes with glitter or gradient design patterns, and you can choose your favorite styles. 

This adhesive eyeliner in round tube collection includes:


Adhesive eyeliner pencil collection

  • H1: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with blue glitter design pattern
  • H2: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with dark pink glitter design pattern
  • H3: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with gradient design pattern
  • H4: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with light blue glitter design pattern
  • H5: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with silver glitter design
  • H6: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with rose gold rhinestones
  • H7: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with white pearls pasted on the rose gold tube
  • H8: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with gradient line design pattern (like colored bamboo)
  • H9: Adhesive eyeliner pencil with shining dull polish texture

Adhesive eyeliner features:

  • Natural black eyeliner liquid inside
  • Round tubes (metal material)
  • Waterproof & sweatproof eyeliner liquid
  • Fluent to draw any shape of eyeliner to adjust your eye shape
  • For all types of false lash strips, magnetic lashes
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Long-lasting, anti-smudge, without fading issues

How to use adhesive eyeliner?

  1. Shake the adhesive eyeliner before you use it.
  2. Apply adhesive eyeliner to your upper eyelid, 2-3 layers, and wait for a little while to let it dry.
  3. Gently apply the strip lashes to your lash line, on the top of your real lashes.
  4. Press the false lash strips using your fingers to set your lash position, to make them sticky to your eyelids.

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