criss-crossed mink lashes with big curls
criss-crossed mink lashes with big curls
natural mink lashes, curly mink lashes
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Criss-crossed Mink Eyelashes | 045

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False eyelashes made of mink fur, 3D mink lashes wispies, criss-cross wispy fluffy, 100% handmade eye makeup, 25mm fake Lashes.

Criss-cross mink lashes are waved across, and the roots of the mink lashes are combined together differently, compared to the types of false lashes. 

  • Different lengths in the same pair of mink lashes 
  • Great 3D effect for stunning eye makeup
  • Can be reused 25 times
  • Long-lasting with high duration
  • Keep in good shape
  • Smooth texture like human hair

How to apply mink criss-cross mink lashes:

-Trim lashes to fit the eye shape and apply a layer of lash glue to the lash band, waiting for 10 to 15 seconds.
-Position lashes above your natural lash line.
-To remove, use a damp cotton swab and trace along with the lash band. Be gentle when lifting lashes to remove them.
-Use tweezers to remove glue from the lash band.
-Store lashes in the original case for extended use and to help retain their original shape.

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