drugstore magnetic lashes
drugstore magnetic lashes
drugstore magnetic lashes
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Drugstore Magnetic Lashes, Magnetic Lashes with Eyeliner | MIX10-CJ15, CJ20

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Compared with the traditional strip lashes, drugstore magnetic lashes are designed with some magnets, (our magnetic lashes are designed with 5 magnets). The magnetic eyelash has magnets along with the lash band and then can be applied with the magnetic eyeliner (special eyeliner for magnetic lashes). 

Our magnetic lashes with eyeliner are super convenient for you to use. 

Why choose magnetic lashes?

  • Our latest magnetic eyelashes kit is made with a newly formulated liquid that works like a magnet not glue or stickiness of liquid. Made from the updated formula, our liquid eyeliner contains more magnetic particles than most other magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner kits. that means you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of dropping, also you don't need to purchase another kit very often.
  • Our latest magnetic eyelashes kit comes with a new design. The lashes are made of high-quality and synthetic fibers, giving a naturally softer and bold look that frames the eye, and it contains five stronger magnets. Our liquid eyeliner contains more magnetic particles than others' lashes and eyeliners working together by strong magnets. Designed with a new curvature, the tweezers are easier to use.
  • Charming eyelashes are the pursuit of every woman. Our latest magnetic eyelashes kit gives you that natural look you've been wanting. Besides, our Magnetic Eyelashes come with 5 strong magnets that work great, no worry that the eyelashes will fall.
  • Putting on our magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit is very simple. First, apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner. Wait a few minutes for it to become tacky and then apply the magnetic eyelashes on top of it. It’s that simple and easy to use!
  • Give the special one a gift of love. Our latest magnetic eyelashes kit comes in a beautifully designed package, which can be a meaningful gift for mom, grandma, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend.

Magnetic key features: 

  • Synthetic false eyelashes as the magnetic lashes
  • 5 magnets installed on each pair of magnetic lashes
  • Natural black color for your daily makeup
  • Apply the magnetic eyeliner to adhere your magnetic lashes
  • Lightweight, soft, and 100% cruelty-free
  • 2 pairs of the magnetic lashes in one magnetic lashes pack ( CJ15, CJ20)
  • Easy application using magnetic eyeliner
  • Can be reusable 

How to apply magnetic lashes?

This is the tutorial on how to put on magnetic lashes step by step.

  • Apply magnetic adhesive eyeliner on the lash line where magnetic lashes will adhere, ahead of time before you start to apply magnetic lashes.
  • Adhere lashes to the magnetic liner. Press lashes down onto the magnetic liner on the lash line to ensure magnets make a connection and make sure the magnetic drugstore lashes can be sticky to the magnetic eyeliner.
  • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with oil-based makeup remover.
  • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off the dried magnetic liner. You can use the makeup remover to clean off remnants if any.


This magnetic lashes kit includes 2 pairs of magnetic lashes, (you can choose your magnetic lashes style, or random), 1 adhesive eyeliner. 

Adhesive eyeliner is the basic lash tool for you to apply magnetic lashes without using extra lash glue and our magnetic lashes kit includes a set of 2 in 1 use adhesive eyeliner pencils inside. 

Do not make the drugstore magnetic lashes wet all the time, and please keep your magnetic lashes dry away from the humidity.
Keep out of reach of children.

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