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Lash Shampoo for Lash Extension & Individual Lashes

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This is the lash shampoo for lash extensions or individual lashes, a foaming cleanser for you to wash your lash extensions. You can use it to remove your mascara, with a smooth and soft texture. 
Here are some features of our shampoo:
  • Gentle, lightweight, deep cleaning: Our hypoallergenic eyelash shampoo foaming cleanser effectively cleanses away makeup residue, dirt, and oil without irritating delicate lashes and eyelash extensions. It also works great as a mascara remover!
  • Cruelty-free & lash-loving ingredients: Formulated with premium ingredients that are free from anything harmful or harsh, your lashes will feel well protected, conditioned and a whole lot healthier.
  • Professional for at-home & beauty salon use: Extend the life of your eyelash extensions, improve glue adhesion, and smooth your natural lashes with our carefully formulated eyelash shampoo that ensures maximum cleanliness at a professional level.
  • Mild and rich foam for all skin types: This nourishing eyelash shampoo is oil-free and compatible with all skin types including the most sensitive eyes.
  • Easy to use: Whether you are an eyelash extension expert or an at-home user, our eyelash shampoo comes with a convenient brush at the best value and quality in the market.

Variants of lash shampoo:

Here are many different variants of lash shampoo you can select:

  • Volume: 100ml lash shampoo, 60ml lash shampoo
  • Bottle: White, pink, rose gold, silver, yellow. The color of the sprayer is also selective. 
  • Brush: You can get the lash shampoo with brushes too if you need it, here are two colors for lash shampoo brush, white lash shampoo brush, and pink lash shampoo brush. 

 How to use lash shampoo?

  1. Spray proper lash shampoo onto the lash shampoo brush, lint-free pad, flocking, or micro-brush.
  2. Then closed your eye, gently apply the lash shampoo foam to the base of your lash extensions, and use the downward strokes, softly sweeping across the individual lashes.
  3. Finally, rinse off the lash shampoo gently with clean water. 

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