Stick On Nails - Pale Salmon & Curving White Lines
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Stick On Nails - Pale Salmon & Curving White Lines

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Looks natural, feels comfortable, takes minutes to apply, and stays put for days!

All of these press-on nails are really popular nowadays, and they are reusable. 


Material: ABS material, environmentally-friendly, safe and healthy. 

Set: 24 pcs in one set of press on nails, with different nail sizes, and you can find the ones suitable for your fingernails. 

Color: We have different colors for you to choose from, and this set of press-on nails is designed with pretty pale salmon, silimar to orange color, with curving white lines as the decoration. 

Shape: Long coffin press on nails are super popular. 

Application: Super easy! We have the FREE nail tools for you to apply the press on nails, including nail glue stickers, nail files and etc. 

Easy to apply and easy to remove, and you guys can enjoy the pleasure of press on nails together with your friends and besties. 

Tutorial: I will show you how to apply press-on nails 

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