Vegan Lashes Bulk
Vegan Lashes Bulk
Vegan Lashes Bulk
Vegan Lashes Bulk
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Vegan Lashes Bulk | 3DB70

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Vegan lashes bulk are made of hemp lashes, and this type of false lashes are 100% cruelty-free, and the texture of vegan lashes is silimar to the mink lashes, with excellent big curls. 

Compared with mink lashes, vegan lashes are much cheaper, and with a better 3D effect than silk and synthetic lashes. Really suitable for lash business starter, low competition in the lash market

  • Vegan lashes are made of hemp fiber, a new material to make false lashes
  • Big curls to create an excellent 3D effect
  •  Supernatural for a daily eye makeup look
  • The natural black color of vegan lashes
  • Different styles and lengths for you to choose
  • 100% cruelty-free, safe and healthy
No MOQ limit, flexible to choose how many pairs of vegan lashes you like

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